Make-up by L’Oreal, 1968
Photographed by Irving Penn

Note to self: stop worrying

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It’s my fault for fucking up the kids.

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1940’s Fighter Jet - The Sidekicks

free like your shoulders in your clothes
free like the bible you just stole
free like the hand that you grab hold then let go
and if free was your last month’s rent payed down
and if free was my high-school conscience
how our heads would split open, exposing our thoughts and,
how, just like twin fighter airplanes, they’d fly out

School starts on Monday.
I don’t know how to feel.

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I was kind of dreading this semester but I’m actually really excited now

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Afternoon doodles

Afternoon doodles

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I arranged a job interview at a reputable law firm. What they don’t know is that every word I say in the interview will be decided by a 7 year old boy through a hidden earpiece.

A lot of good things have happened to me the last couple of months

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